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I signed up on this site when I just found out about HSV. I never was looking for a serious relationship and this was a support system for me. I met many amazing people and often distance was the issue although i was willing to relocate. Read more...
I never thought that I could find Love again, but I have found more than just Love a few months ago. I found a Best Friend, a HiddenTreasure, that has made me the Happiest person in the world. Read more...
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Testing positive for an STD is always devastating news. Such news sounds like the end of the world and you may feel all alone in the world. But please be aware of that there are millions of other people who have the same problems on STDsMatch and they are doing well.

STDsMatch is dedicated to helping people with STDs find love, friendship, support, understanding, hope and information in a non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, and completely private environment. Here you'll get access to the world's Largest STD Blogging Community, STD Counselors, and True Inspirational Stories from other people - dealing with a situation much like yourself. The Most Active Chatroom, and other unique features also make joining the site a no-brainer!

We understand your situation and care about your privacy more than any other site. All your personal information will be protected properly. Feel safe and comfortable to join us now and start a whole new life! Don't let your condition dictate your life!

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Totally anonymous communication - You can contact others even when your profile is hidden.  A safe environment - Only registered members are allowed  to access our site.
No spam -  All profiles are approved by our staff manually. Fake profiles are deleted and banned. STD blogs and forums - People share their stories on how to deal with STDs to help each other.
Strong privacy settings - Your profile can avoid being viewed by unwanted viewers. Ask online STD counselor - You can ask questions about your STD online and anonymously.
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